Our Journey

Sept 2015

The Cause

During a marathon, Sagar (our founder) saw a sick pup lying helpless and left for dead. While a thousand people were running the marathon, not one of them knew what to do when they saw an animal in distress so they just walked by ignoring the poor creature in need. Eventually, the pup was saved and nurtured to good health and in the faith behind the circumstance, AnimApp was born

June 2016

The Solution

At this time, an Helpline was launched by AnimApp; the world's first smart and easily accessible animal rescue service in collaboration with Blue Cross of India. Working collaboratively with the prestigious institution, AnimApp set out to revolutionize animal rescues with over 280 reports coming through the app. The helpline championed a milestone transformation in the convenience attached to reaching out on behalf of endangered animals. It was clear a paradigm shift had occurred and animal rescue had been made easier like never before.

Jan 2017

A New Mission

AnimApp required a trim in the way it pursued animal welfare and begun a new path set on better animal healthcare. It was important to educate and make people responsible around these animals. Efforts were concerted on the sensitization of the general community regarding the appropriate ways to become responsible caregivers for these wonderful and lovely creatures. These actions tended to prevent the ends by addressing the means.

July 2017

A New Path

Brought to existence on its own at one of India's most reputable commercial frontiers, IIT Madras’ Rural Business and Technological Incubator is an establishment that truly recognizes the effort AnimApp puts towards the betterment of the animal community. Thus, they pledged their support to continuously assist as far as animal rescue and welfare is concerned.

In the News